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Top 3

Let' s start with the top 3 of military fighters.

1) F-22 Raptor

The dominant fighter in current skies.
Stealth capabilities, hyper maneuverability and super cruise are only some of the hints of this astonishing plane.
It can easily go to Mach 1.8 without afterburners, reach the target unobserved and drop its high-tech guided payload, conserved hidden into the fusolage to avoid extra radar signature.
It has fantastic engines that have been built with 40% less components than previous ones without compromising speed, plus a radar system that is engineering marvel.
Did you know that ... stealth fighters normally attack at night to avoid visual reconnaissance ?

2) F-35 Lightning II

The second stealth fighter nowadays.
It is like a transformer cause it can switch its engine from horizontal to vertical thrust to obtain VSTOL capabilities.
Less fast than F-22, this is nevertheless a great beast (it has been designed to replace F-16 ... what do you expect ?).
Did you know that ... F-35 is the first modern fighter without a HUD ?

3) Eurofighter Typhoon

Glory to Europeans !
This fantastic fighter has hyper maneuverability and super cruise but lacks stealth capabilities so it falls to position 3.
Its design is beautiful to be seen, with the canards on the nose and the delta styled wings.
It has a fantastic HMD so you can lock a target 90 on your right and fire an AIM9X while running down to chase an enemy tank.
Did you know that ... Eurofighter Typhoon is the first production plane to have voice control ?

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